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ESOL Teacher

Title: Teacher

Effective Date: March 1, 2015

Location: AVA

Staff Category: Faculty

Supervision Required:Director, Department Principal, Division Lead

Supervision Exercised:Teaching interns, assistants, volunteers, students, and over temporary projects or committee assignments

Works closely with:All AVA staff, students, and parents

AVA teachers’ duties are listed in the faculty handbook. The following is a synopsis of the more common duties; this job description augments, but does not limit the handbook.  AVA teachers are responsible for the following:

  1. I.       Teaching
    1. Teach assigned classes using approved school curriculum.
      1. Prepare lesson plans, teaching resources, and materials in a timely manner.
      2. Tutor the students after school as needed.
      3. Check all student work and re-teach as necessary.
      4. Properly supervise all aspects of the exam and standardized testing process.
    2. Maintain an awareness and use of current best practices teaching techniques.
    3. Maintain open communication with the department and head principals regarding student and classroom needs.
    4. Maintain open communication with the other classroom teachers regarding student needs and behaviors.
    5. Actively make suggestions regarding curriculum improvement.
  2. II.       Maintenance of Records and Supervision of Students
    1. Keep a record of student grades, attendance, and tardiness for report cards and/or transcripts.
    2. Complete all appropriate forms and documents in a timely manner.
    3. Fill out attendance slips and find out the reasons for student absences.
    4. Never leave students unattended; supervise students as needed during library, art, PE, music and computer classes.
    5. Be aware of unusual and inappropriate student behavior and discipline as appropriate.
  3. III.       Supervision of Teaching assistants/interns
    1. Supervise teaching assistants/interns, training them in all aspects of the teaching profession.
    2. Participate fully and actively in any assigned teacher development and/or mentoring program.
  1. IV.       Additional Duties
    1. Supervise children as scheduled during lunch and recess.
      1. Keep the children in your sight at all times.
      2. Organize and participate in games with the students.
      3. Supervise children as scheduled during lunch; assist with table clean-up.
      4. Supervise children as scheduled to and from their transportation.
        1. Be aware of unusual and inappropriate student behavior and take proper disciplinary action as is appropriate.
        2. After School Activities
          1. Take attendance.
          2. Walk the students to the activity area.
          3. Supervise students during the after school activities.
          4. Liaison between the activity teachers, students and the Activity Coordinator.
          5. Take bus duty on assigned bus schedule if needed.
          6. In the event of a disaster or other emergency, supervise and care for students.
          7. Serve on committees such as those for accreditation or curriculum review, as requested or assigned
          8. Any other duties as assigned.
    2. Participate in about 6 Saturday school events throughout the school year.
      1. Sign up to lead (along with 1 or 2 other staff) one of the events
        1. Be responsible for planning/coordinating event along with your team
        2. Be responsible for set up/clean up (either your team or designated individuals)