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Assistant Principal

Job Description


Full-time Assistant Principal


Candidates must be active Christians who are excited about sharing their faith while working in a cross-cultural setting.  Because Amazon Valley Academy is a small school, the secondary classes are taught to combined grades on a rotational basis.  All classes are taught in English.  The Assistant Principal is expected to have a broad base in multiple subject areas.  The assistant principal may be asked to fill in multiple roles as needed.  The Assistant Principal is expected to be involved in the school’s student life programs and overall administration of Amazon Valley Academy.  Our tagline is: Teaching as a Ministry.

Duties will include:

  • Assist the Director in the day-to-day operations of the school.
  • Share the gospel and integrate Biblical principles and the Christian philosophy of education throughout aspects of their job.
  • Cooperate with administration in implementing policies and procedures governing the school.
  • Assess the teachers on a regular basis and provide mentoring and progress reports as required.
  • Recognize the need for good public relations.  Represent the school in a professional manner to the school’s constituency and the general public.
  • Develop and maintain rapport with students, parents, and staff.
  • Follow the Matthew 18 principle in dealing with conflict with students, parents and staff.
  • Seek the counsel of the administrator, colleagues, and parents while maintaining a teachable attitude.
  • Attend and participate in scheduled activities, in-service, retreats, committee, faculty, and Parent Teacher meetings.
  • Know the procedures for dealing with issues of an emergency nature.
  • Inform the administration in a timely manner if unable to fulfill any duty assigned.
  • Other duties as assigned by the administration or necessary to run a safe and Godly school.


  • Possess a deep love for Christ, staff, teachers and for students.
  • B.A. or B.S. degree or higher from a recognized University or College.
  • Hold or pursuing an appropriate professional credential, certification or degree for teaching.
  • Two years teaching experience is normally required for non-Brazilian citizens to qualify for a work visa in Brazil.
  • Note: Because all classroom teaching is done in English, AVA requires that its classroom teachers be native English speakers or proficient in the English language.

The following is required to obtain a work visa to teach in Brazil:

  • A BA/BS or higher, preferably an education-related field.
  • A current teaching/administrator license/credentials: US State license; or a state or national teaching license from another English-speaking country; or ACSI. Or have documented administrative experience in conjunction with teaching.
  • Two years of experience is preferred, but in certain cases not mandated.

Career Growth

This position is a stepping stone for the next Director/Head of School for Amazon Valley Academy.  Candidates considering this position should plan on a long-term commitment to the success of Amazon Valley Academy.

About Amazon Valley Academy

AVA was founded in 1958 as a missionary school for foreign missionaries serving in northern Brazil and is presently managed by Believer’s Bridge, a U.S. mission organization.  Over the year’s enrollment expanded to include Brazilian nationals.  Today about 90% of the student body is comprised of Brazilian students.  Amazon Valley Academy is accredited by ACSI and MSA.  Classes are taught in English and follow the North American style of education.